We’re the enjoy the present and plan for the future bank.

Whether you’re saving for a house, college tuition, or a trip to the beach, you want a bank that lets you take care of things on your phone or computer, but still has a human being you can talk to right in your community. Oh, and we don’t charge you all kinds of fees.

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We’re right around the corner, even if you never visit us.

You’re always welcome to visit us at your branch, but we know you prefer to stay connected on the go. That’s why we offer online and mobile banking with fingerprint sign-on, SecureLock online card control and instant person-to-person payment. And you get the peace of mind that we’re here, in person, when you need us.

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The best ATM fees are no ATM fees.

Every time you use an ATM it seems like the fees go up and up. With Touchstone, you can get two to four free non-Touchstone ATM transactions per month, depending on what type of account you have. And, of course, all of your Touchstone ATM transactions are free.

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We’re here when you need a hand.

Maybe you’re buying your starter home, or expanding to make room for a growing family. Or you need to consolidate bills. It could finally be the time to do the kitchen remodel you’ve been talking about since you bought the place. Touchstone is here with loans of all types, from home equity to personal loans to lines of credit, and all decisions are made locally.

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We’re the local bank with national bank features and convenience. Stop by anytime and let us know what we can do for you. Because we want to be your bank.

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